Why your website needs Newsletter?


Why do you think when you shop online, set up an accounts on different sites or download files, is required of us to enter our e-mail addresses? If you do not want to specify the e-mail, site owners add a smarter option to “sign up via Facebook”, so that our address automatically is in their database. Why is everyone so they want to know our emails? Because the mail, my friends, has a huge power. Every Internet user uses Internet mailbox, so email marketing continues to grow its strength. Needed tool for this feature is a newsletter. Why?

People check their e-mails

Despite a demanding schedule and responsibilities, many of us check our mailbox. Every day. Or several times a day. Of course, there is the risk that the email sent by us will not be read, or will be sent to the spam folder, but thanks to an interesting header over which we should think, and also on the fact that the mail will still be sent and will be able to wait to read even a very long time, we can be sure that this business is power.

Contact with readers and customers is the most important

Contact with your readers is a very important aspect for bloggers. It is important also that customers should be informed about new promotions and products. Thanks to such behavior, we prove that we care about the fact that people who loved us and our work, were appreciated. This method brings us closer to readers and deepens our relationship with them and makes us better assessed, as in the era of eternal criticism is extremely valuable.

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Balance is the key

Writing a newsletter is not as simple as it might seem. It is easy to overdo it and alienate readers. Of course, not everyone has the gift of writing, but each of us can really try and make that our work is not in vain, and readers will be motivated to act and they will be waiting for further information from us.

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Thanks to newsletter, you know and analyze all you want

Newsletter allows us to analyze practically everything we want. We can learn about the amount of clicks, the number of read e-mails, subscription and unsubscription rates, the amount of shares and much more. There is also option thanks to which you will know how users react on some topics mails. This will allow you to establish how to write, to encourage people to read your e-mails.

Where to start?

On the market there are a lot of sites that send newsletters and each of them has both a lot of advantages and disadvantages. However, it is worth a notice that they are paid and are not the cheapest. However, we are not in the worst position, because using WordPress, we can download and update the free plug-ins, which are in no way inferior paid news services. Try the plug-ins such as Subscribe2, SendPress Nesletters, and SendIt Newsletter.

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