WooCommerce – plugin for WordPress eCommerce

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Today we’re going to talk more about one of the most popular plugin for Commerce based on WordPress – WooCommerce. What distinguishes it from others, and why so many people decided to just download it?

As you probably know, WordPress in the best place to locate your online shop. It provides a lot facilities not only for owners of websites but also for customers. From time to time there are new improvements and updates, allowing both sides of the process sale-and-buy are always satisfied.

Even if there is a wide selection of necessary plugins, you have to choose one. And as we can guess, you’ve probably heard something about WooCommerce, right? If the answer is positive, let us introduce you to one of the most popular and useful plug for eCommerce.

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You’re the one who should earn money, not spend them  so in this case, WooCommerce is completely free. Thank you for this, WooThemes team!

WooCommerce allows you as an owner to create variants of products and coupons. It’s not a problem if your asortiment is physical or virtual – WooCommerce allows you to sell whatever you want.

Would you like to enter your business on international field? That’s not a problem, because WooCommerce provides you multilingual website and fully understood to every person in this world who has a contact with Internet :)

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What’s the most important for your future customers, WooCommerce allows them to pay by PayPal, credit cards, checks, transfers or even cash on delivery. Of course there’s much more facilities, like for example easy and SEO friendly configuration direct links to parties to shop. You’ve got also an opportunity to use ready-to-use professional and well designed themes which are mainly for free. Extensions which are available free or paid concerns for example an extra forms of payments, shipping or adding an extra user experience options.

To sum up

If you read opinions about this plug, we ensure that you won’t find the negative ones. Of course there are also exceptions to the rules but in this case, trust us, it’s like a needle in a haystack – you will have to looking for it for a long, long time.