WordPress 4.0 – what’s new?


Can WordPress be even better than now? As it turns out, yes it really can! The latest, 4.0 version of this popular CMS is called “Benny” in honor of Benny Goodman, jazz clarinetist from The Twentieth Century. So, what news are waiting in Benny for bloggers and website owners based on WordPress?

Easier editing and managing
Well, first of all, WordPress 4.0 has improved new media browser. Preview each image appears in the frame, which makes it easy to move from one position to another. With this new, advanced editing and management have become much simpler and more transparent to users.

add media

Finally you’ll have more control
Changes also affected the text editor. A side scrolling becomes easier, thanks to the strap pinning editing tools to the top edge of the screen. Another addition also in the edge of the screen is adding the media button. These improvements make that the user has more control over the post.

Add Plug
Browser “Add Plugins” also looks different and contains some news. We can see plugin logo , buttons for download and see the details. There is also evaluation expressed by star rating. Creators of latest WordPress version didn’t forget about updating last information and compatibility with the version user has.

add plugin

Adding a clause “Order By” made that users can sort their post with much more ease and control. New API which let the authors of themes add new functions and options. You can also select a language when you run the installation process.

Oh Benny, my dear Benny…
And that’s all. Some of you may say that it’s not enough, some of you may say that all these changes are okay and there’s no need to make better something which now is really good. Creators don’t hide that “Benny” isn’t the last version. It’s only version between 3.9. and 4.1. Well, all we have to do is just wait for another version and consider what else will happen in Benny’s successor.