WordPress and Social Media – why and how?

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We live in Social Media times, that’s a fact. That’s why our promoting strategy should focus precisely on this aspect. But how can we increase our activities among social media and why is it important?
So, why is it so important? Why Social Media can be the medium thanks to we can get a popularity, more readers and more joy of life? Well, digitization is a constant process which we have for many years ans which now is the power. The whole Social Media phenomenon have started thanks to Mark Zuckerberg and his Facebook. Then, we met Twitter, Instagram and much more new Social Media channels in which we just have fallen in LOVE. Yes, you have to admit it- you love scrolling your Facebook wall, or checking on Instagram latest pics. But it’s good and you’re not alone. A lot of people all around the world act exactly the same as you and they’re enjoy it exactly like you. And that’s why Social Media can be one of the most effective way to reach the largest audience and well, we shouldn’t hide it, make really good money.

WordPress is multi- functional platform which can help you to fulfill your aims, objectives and continues to grow. How? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest. All of these social networks offer us their official tools, but you should know that the tools available on the market is a lot more, and what’s most importantly, some of them are much more functional than those above. Let us introduce you an overview of the four  of the best plugins for Social Media channels and you’re gonna love them!

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This functional plugin, which in addition to counting all sharing of entry, also offers an graph of level interest the post. This option definitelfy fits for a large blog and it also presents distributed during registration sharing on various social networking sites. Plug obviously applies to such sites as  Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. You do not have to know any code, because everything is clearly and beautifully depicted. The only downside is the price of Social Buzz, the current amount of $ 19.


Very functional and simple plugin, which also allow you to publish as many icons as you will want. Add This decreased the social networking icons, and additionally has them in his collection of more than 300, so easily find the ones where you most care about. In addition, you will have an insight into the statistics of clicks, and the ability to determine the appearance of the tool.


Very good tool, in addition to such sites as Facebook and Twitter, makes it possible to configure from the administration panel of WordPress sites such as Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn. This tool requires the user to set up an account on the site outside, and there is free access  only to 50,000 shares. So if you do not expect to start with a higher number of shares, you can be sure that Mashshare will definitely fit!



This plugin is completely free, and with longer contact with it, you can achieve an effect similar to the one that provides Mashshare. Share Social Starter allows you to place the widget below or above the post, but if you’ve found better place, thanks to Social Share startet will have the opportunity to use shortcode and place the widget wherever you want.
These tools are very helpful and most importantly, user-friendly, so no problem, each of you will be able to use them freely. These are some of the best plugins that are sure to stand out from the others and that they will certainly serve you well.