WordPress – app for phones. What’s this and why is it so good?

wp app

Publishing, editing entries and checking statistics of your website have never been so easy. Now you can download WordPress app and be the king of your blog or website and update them in any time you want. WordPress knows that you’re very busy and you need simple and what’s the most important- effective solutions. And now all you need is your phone. It sounds very interesting, isn’t it?

When phone becoming a managing centre
Wordpress is free application based on the same called CMS which allows users to managing their websites, blogs and what is more free or paid accounts in WordPress.com service from the phone. You also have an opportunity to create completely new website and you can enjoy the many opportunities to inspire you thanks to magnificient entries in Reader.

What can you do?
This app offers much more than basics like writing, editing, publishing or deleting but also selection of categories and tags, account and comments management, adding something to SPAM category and of course preview of your composition. What is more, you can also add photos and videos! After uploading posts, you can share it with your friends or/and readers thanks to sharing option.

Any doubts?
If you have the need, you can receive notifications of new comments and observe other blogs. As I said before, with WordPress you have an access to statistic which is extremely important when you run your own website or blog and you just have to be updated for almost all the time. If you ever need help, you don’t have to worry, WordPress app will dispel your doubts thanks to support option.


Why is it so important?
When you have your own blog or website you have to keep the contact with your fans or readers. For all the time. Of course, there is also Facebook, Instagram or Twitter where you can be in touch with other users but you have to take care about something thanks to all began. If you didn’t create a blog, you would use your Facebook or Instagram to contact with your friends, not hundreds or thousands of fans and readers. That’s why you just can’t forget about your creating and improvement your art. And that’s why you should use WordPress even now when you’re always late, don’t have enough time because you have really great opportunity to do it on your phone, wherever you are.