WordPress dashboard

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WordPress is still the most popular way to start adventure with blogging. Beginners can feel quite confused after first contact with dashboard, but that’s obvious – first step is always the hardest. Believe, everyhing is really intuitive and you need a few moments to become familiar with this famous CMS. So, be patient and try everything by yourself.

How to start

Firstly and obviously you need to log in – you need to put ”wp-admin” after your domain name, click enter and then write your username and password. If you put the right one you will be taken to admin area. You will see a special dashboard with a lot of options. We can compare it with cocpit, because dashboard is managing place for admin. It gives a general overview to the webpage. As you probably noticed, dashboard provides opportunity to customize almost every element to make you feel really content of yours blog’s content!


Welcome to WordPress

Commonly it’s recommended to start with ‘Welcome to WordPress’ box. But it’s not necesarry. If you decide to pass this step, there’s no need to panic – you can test later every option from that box. You are a manager, don’t forget! But if you decide to stay, it will be a nice way to start. I suppose that first thing you would like to do could be pushing a blue ‘customize your site’ button. That’s of course great! Try it and see how many choices you have. If you can’t wait to write your first post, feel free and click ‘view your site’ to see effects. Simply. On the right side of ‘Welcome to WordPress’ area you will see ‘managing the vidget or menus’. This setting gives you control on managements your blog’s structure – additional area with some information go make webpage more clear and useful.

Further accessories

Next box ‘At a Glance’ shows you information about published posts, pages and comments. It’s very comfortable, because you see everything in one place without a need to make checking in other place. If you aren’t very patient or you get some extra idea you can use your dashboard as a draft. I’m thinking about ‘quick draft’ box. Write some key-word or shape of your post and finish later. Don’t worry, WordPress will keep everything what you wrote and wait for your next step, in any time.

‘Activity’ panel displays latest changes on your blog. What’s more, you have a chance to write something or for example remove comment directly trough that box. Fast and nice. There’s also one area. It called ‘WordPress News’. It’s a centre of the latest information about WordPress platform. You can get information about new opportunites, plugins etc.


WordPress’ dashboard is really worth to try. Even if you don’t have a big plan for your blogging future, it’s great to realize how webpage managing can be easy and pleasant. I think that the best way to learn new things is training. So, if you want to be fluent in WordPress you must try, read and play with new elements. In moments of doubtfulness you can always get help from special link First Steps With WordPress.