WordPress’ plugins. Overview of MUST USE plugins!


WordPress has the biggest power in comparison to other systems that manage the content on blogs and professional websites. There is no doubt, that high position of WordPress probably won’t be threatened by other systems, what’s more there’s a chance to make its impressiveness even better and attract more people. To make your WordPress even more attractive, you should download most useful plugins. Which are the best?

1. Contact Form 7
If you have a blog or website, you know that sometimes there’s a need to upload some forms, surveys or fields. Thanks to these forms, your blog/ website looks much more attractive and you can post very interesting informations. Contact Form 7 provides you not only well design but also adding needed forms in very easy way.

2. Smart Archives Reloaded
Archive is a “place”, which every respected blogger should lead. If you are very hard working person or you just don’t want to bother with this type of task, you definitely should download this plugin. Smart Archives Reloaded makes your life easier because it creates your very own archive of your posts!

3. Digg Digg/ Hupso Share Buttons for (…)
These two plugins has a very important task to help you in sharing your posts in social networkings. If you are expecting very good customizing options like “Like it”, “Share”, “Tweet”, “Pin it” etc. you definitely should use these plugins.

4. Regenerate Thumbnails
If not now, definitely in nearly future you will want to change themes at your blog or website. Regenerate Thumbnails rebuilds all the thumbnails of image files and their dimensions are adapted to the new look.

5. All In One SEO Pack
This plugin is a combination of several other. Is responsible for the optimization for search engines, and also still being expanded with new modules. It combines both SEO options, the possibility to edit the .htaccess file, create Maps of the Site, as well as personalized content for social networking sites.

6. Aksimet / WP-reCAPTCHA
Unwanted comments are the biggest problem on almost every blog and website. To avoid this, take advantage of the invaluable help of these two plugins. WP-re CAPTCHA is a system that is based on the generation of code which must be entered during the adding comments. The Aksimet is responsible for blocking spam comments, which performs on the basis of data collected on servers manufacturer.

These plugs are not only useful, but necessary. They can make bloggers’ and owners’ life of the website easier and make that leading a blog or web page doesn’t have to be time consuming, and causing a headache while you’re reading spam comments. If you choose to download any of the above-mentioned plugins, you certainly will not regret it, and you’ll even want to get another one.