WordPress security- BulletProof Security


There is a lot of available plugins which protects our blogs or websites against burglars. One of them is WP BulletProof Security. How does it work what stands out from the competition?

BulletProof is one of these ‘must have’ plugins at your WordPress website. First of all, it blocks directory access in WordPress and protects website against hacking attempts like XSS for XSS, RFI, CRLF, SQL Injection and much more.


What’s more, BulletProof has an One click .htaccess file security. It’s completely setup and in fact, instead of having to choose multiple separate options and settings, BulletProof performs all tasks with one-click of a button. Speaking of .htaccess file, there is one more thing which makes BulletProof plugin standed out from the competition – these files are processed by  server first before any other code on website which means that hackers are completely stopped and inactive.

Backup and restore

The next option provided by this plug is .htaccess backup and restore option. As you may or may not know, backups are one of the most important activities related to taking care of the security of the website.  You shouldn’t wait for make a backup until something wrong happens. You can take responsibility for this now, and more importantly, actually, the plug will really do it for you.

Is there more?

Well, of course. One of the features of BulletProof Security is possibility to edit and upload files which make a lot activities much more functional. What’s more, it protects php.ini and php5.ini files thanks to .htaccess security protection.

And the lat but of course not least, BulletProof Security is very easy to configure and use. All you have to do is find it (which is one of easiest activity in WordPress panel), install it and activate it. Then, just go to the Plugin control panel and activate everything!