WordPress security – why is it so important?

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If you’re a blogger or website owner, you’ve probably met all good part of what you do. But you have to also know about that being a member of Internet sociality is associated with a risk of website’s hack. Even if you think your website is secured or you don’t think it needs protection, you’re wrong. Why and how WordPress can help us in this process?

Like I said, it’s extremely important to take care about your website’s security. Luckily, WordPress provides quite good solutions that website will not only be better protected, but can be done in a very simple way for every user.


As we all say – people are divided into those who do backups and those who will be doing backups. The rule of making backups cannot be neglected because thanks to this option, you can be sure that even if your database has been corrupted or somebody would like to steal your property, you’ll be sure that nothing bad will happen. And what’s the most interesting part of backups, WordPress does it for you. All you have to do is download one of the safety plugins and set them so that the backup was performed automatically. In the next few articles we’ll show you a plug and we will discuss in turn how they work.

Passwords are also important

It would seem that difficult to hack password is very easy to come up. Unfortunately this is a fairly common mistake of novice users with the sad result – a lot of burglaries. Passwords should be composed of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation. Do not use common names, names of products. Try to build the longest password that will be a combination of many characters.

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Current software

It is very important to use the latest versions of programs. With that in mind, what we wrote earlier, before upgrading, you should always do a backup. Newer proposals for programs are not only more resistant to viruses, but also a lot more functional, starting from the operating system, WordPress, and ending with the plugs.

Proffesional hosting

Bad web hosting can also cause problems with security, so there is no sense to direct a cash only criteria when choosing a hosting. Why is it so important? Well, we definitely do not want to have problems with incomplete versions of the PHP interpreter, incomplete web server and an ordinary fraud.

Security is always one of the most important aspects in our life, even in our network life. We have to protect our products, our thoughts, our words. We have fully right to do it and nobody has right to brake it. That is why we have to try as hard as we can to secure about our artwork. And that is why we need to use smart and wise solutions.