WordPress Security- WordFence plugin


The Internet, as we know, is a treasure trove of knowledge, information and trivia. It is a very good tool, which allows us to keep abreast o issues of interesting us. The Internet has also created new jobs. Unfortunately, there are also disadvantages of that fantastic invention. We live in times when very often encounter the vigorous activity of hackers, who are still trying to invade our websites or blogs. To prevent unpleasant incident of burglary for WordPress, with the help to us comes plug Wordfence. How does it work?

Lock from hackers

First of all, the Wordfence plugin protects your website’s cockpit from prying people. If someone wants to break into our account, you probably will try to enter a few, maybe a dozen different passwords. You, in settings can reduce this number to which you want, so if this number is exceeded, you will find on your mail message with the IP address of burglar and he won’t have an access to your page.

Defense against DDOS

Wordfence plugin works not only on our blog or website. If you run this plugin, your blog will be attached to all the others that are already using Wordfence. If any of them is attacked by a hacker, you will immediately be notified to the other blogs / websites, and the attacker’s IP address will be blocked, so it will not have access to your WordPress.

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Scanning the blog

Every now and then you can verify that for sure nothing bad happens to your WordPress. The plugin settings accordingly choose what aspects are to be scanned. This is a very great convenience, so that you can have an insight into the safety of your WordPress virtually all the time.

Saving every single input and log-in

Wordfence notices and saves each entry to your website. Recorded are: time, date and IP address of the visitor, and what’s more, everything is ready for viewing. If you wish, you may also record the number of inputs to the cockpit, visiting people, the most active users etc. To sum up, if you want to have a thorough analysis of your website,  the Wordfence plug will definitely provide it entirely.

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Wordfence and speed

If you choose in the plugin settings “buffering” option,  the speed of your WordPress will grow. In what way? If someone asks the server for a page, in a moment he will get ready answer with the HTML code of the page. So there is no need to process the PHP source code to HTML output, so you can save a lot of time.

Safety first

Today, hackers can use very complicated hacking methods,so that’s why it is really worth to secure your WordPress’ website against such attack. Luckily, we have an opportunity avoid unpleasant consequences, thanks to this simple plug – Wordfence. It also provides that our WordPress will work as it should and our blog or website will be protected very well.

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