WordPress SEO plug-ins


WordPress CMS gives us plenty of positioning solutions itself, however there is even more of different SEO plug-ins which will help us optimalize the website out of consideration for browsers. Having an enormous choice in diversed supplements, it is more than advisable to use at least some of them during the creation of your perfect webpage. Due to that we want to present various positioning WordPress plug-ins worth attention.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

Being totally free seems to be the less valuable advantage of this plug-in. It is a true SEO “machine”, which obtains a lot of possibilities and installing it should be one of the first steps when making your WP.

What can I configure thanks to WordPress SEO by Yoast:

  • Connection between the domain and social media (FB, Twitter, Google+)
  • Internal links
  • A way of creating sitemap
  • A way of creating URLs
  • Titles
  • Meta descriptions

What is more, you may optimize any of your article in an individual way. Any default settings may be changed singular. The plug-in also allows us to define keywords for the specific inscription. Thanks to the WP SEO by Yoast keywords will be checked in the web title, URL address, content of the entry, meta description and the headline.

For more demanding users, there are also some paid, premium versions, which are truly useful in its specific “niche”:

  • WordPress SEO Premium
  • News SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Video SEO

Outbound Link Manager

Helps in having control over external links. Thanks to this plugin we are able to:

  • adding / removing “nofollow” attribute to the link
  • changing URL / anchor
  • creating “ignored websites” list
  • removing external links

Using above mentioned plugin is precious, especially for those who are not having 100% of the control over the entries and the general content on the webpage.

SEO Auto Linker

This plugin has one specific function – linking configuration in your content. May be used for both internal and external linking. Very simple in use, SEO Auto Linker is inestimable when it comes to the link managing on our supply sites.

SEO Title Tag Plug-in

This one enables to edit in an easy and pleasant way all subpages of our website; titles, tags, categories etc. To obtain better positioning correct title optimization plays a role. In addition, SEO Title Tag is a good tool for enhancing Long Tail position. This plugin is especially devoted to bloggers using WordPress.

404 Redirected

Links which direct us to 404 websites, has no value at all. Would be great to somehow redirect such links into websites which are adequate and working. 404 Redirected plugin does it all for us automatically (however, we may also define specific URLs we want to redirect our readers). The plugin will also give us information about:

  • What URL address sent us link directing to 404 error
  • When that happened
  • What our plugin did with this issue (whether redirected to the “good” website or displayed the error)


These are some of the WP SEO plugins, which are definitely needed and can make our life easier. The truth is that choosing the most suitable for you is just a preference matter. The best way is to try them all and see which one is best for you and your website. Remember, though! There is no point in using millions of plugins, from which great amount is devoted for the same issue and solves the same problems. Better use wisely few supplements complementing each and the other.