WordPress vs Joomla!


Since the dawn of time, mass of would-be website authors try to answer this extremely bothering “Which CMS should I use to create my webpage?!” question. Possibilities are endless and scripts keep on competing. Let us take a look on the two most popular CMS – WordPress and Joomla! – their similarities and differences, advantages and shortcomings and let us try to at least claim, which of those two is better.


Both WP and Joomla! were firstly created with a little different aims that are paying attention to right now. WP was made with blog platform in mind, but today establishment saying WP is a good CMS only for bloggers would be a huge lie. Different types of website are being created thanks to this script. Thanks to its ease in use WP became the favor of originators of small and medium webpages. Simple and readable www services are mostly made in WP. What is a great advantage of WordPress is a fact that it is suitable for both beginners – who are just starting their adventure with creating own website and experienced users, who know a lot about good website structure. Thanks to variety of plug-ins and extensions, WP may be perfectly customized to anyone’s needs.


On the other hand, Joomla! was made in aim to create complex web services and at first was really difficult to use by people who were not into PHP knowledge enough. It is still much more demanding script than WP and requires good HTML skill, but if you are keen on creating elaborate website – it has a good structure to do so.


The general look of WP panel is simply nice and well considered. It is very intuitive and helps find ourselves in its system very clearly. Another plus is that with such cockpit any third party creating any content on your website will need much less education about script operating.


Joomla! has definitely less attractive administrative panel, however you have to keep in mind that this system is prepared for much bigger amounts of e.g. side panels. It is more difficult in use, especially for not IT-specialists, although you should find it better in use if you are an advanced user.


When it comes to creating new plug-ins or extensions, WordPress is perfect for minimalists. You can actually make one as a single file. WP also has lots of filters and ability to automatically implement tasks into different actions. Joomla! has an option to do so, but only after creating several others plug-ins.


Despite above mentioned issues, what differs WordPress and Joomla! the most has nothing to do with technology, since concerns users’ attitude. If you are convinced that the less the merrier, WP is a perfect CMS for you. Joomla! demands from us being capable of gathering together a mass of different options for each modulus kind.

To be honest, using WordPress is simply much more comfortable and quicker. Of course, people who will adapt to using Joomla! will be satisfied, as well, buy if you are not a zealous IT fan, we advise you to take an usage of WP.