WP and Social Media – Google+ autopost plugins

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Google+ is very important tool in Social Media world and there is a must to post your articles from the blog in this place. Why is it so important and which plug you should use?
Exposure is very important if you want to achieve a success. Using Google+ which is of course configurated with Google gives you an opportunity for a traffic and better exposure. What’s more Google+ helps you to be in touch with other people thanks to hangouts feature and much more. And at last but not least, there is a quite big group of people who honestly just hate Facebook and the use Google+. And that is why you should remember about these users and supply them your content.


Good, old Jetpack, huh? Statistics don’t lie. Over a million downloads and the same amount of happy users which give a really good reviews for this plug. What users love is among others the easy of use and of course, integration system with Twitter, Facebook, Google+ of course and much, much more. You don’t have to worry about your posts because Jetpack will do it for you (except writing of course)!

What’s more, Jetpack gives you a chance to post comments via your Google+ account and provides you adding Google Autorship to your posts in very easy way. It’s very important especially because of Google determines the author of the post and then shows all the extras in the search results.

Okay, another plug is…

Ummm… there is no another plug. We think that Jetpack is one of the best plug available in the free market so we thinka that if you’re looking for plug which will be well connected with Google+ and many other Social Network accounts, you definitely should choose this one.