WP and Social Media- LinkedIn auto post plugins!

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LinkedIn has become one of the most important tool to present our profiles and show who actually we are. A lot of people’ve trusted LinkedIn and that is why it’s extremely important to share your content from the blog automatically. We present you three really good plugins for autopost your posts from the blog to LinkedIn.

1. WP Pipes

This plugin, as its names says, makes a pipeline of data which means that you, as its user can not only create many Pipes but also get your Pipes if you need it. What does it exactly mean? One of the many features which this plugin consist, is of course Auto Social Poster. So you can post automatically your articles on LinkedIn but also on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and more. The whole process is very simple to understand and easy to use so there is 100% of sure that you won’t have any problems with configuration WP Pipes.

2. Microblog Poster

We all know what the aim is and we’re not going to surprise that this plug is another which is not only well designed but also it works good. Except that this plug works with not only LinkedIn but also with Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Blogger, Delicious and more, it also provides you function named “Auto re-publish old blog post” which means that you can share your old posts and keep them alive again! What’s more, you can follow the process of automated sharing from your MicroblogPoster’s log section and identify and remove errors (if there is a need of course).

3. Social Discussions

Another plug for sharing your content into Linked and almost 30 (!) more Social Networks accounts and list of features is pretty much longer! First of all (except Social Sharing Buttons), you can display Social Buttons with count of activity. You can also use advanced features such as for example categories and more. The benefits from using this plug are such as viral spread of your content of course, your fans and readers are constantly updated with your posts and you save a lot of time. Are there any disadvantages? Well, no.

Of course, this list contains only three plugins which honestly is like drop in the ocean. You can use much more plugs which also are multifuntional like Jetpack, NextScripts and more. So, which plug is the best for you and which one you’re going to choose? Or maybe you actually use completely different plug and you would like to tell us something more about it? Let us know!