This plug is often compared to WooCommerce, plugin about we wrote yesterday. What are the characteristics wp e-commerce and whether it is worth paying attention to it?

First of all, wp e-commerce is for free. It’s very important because you’re going to earn money not spend them.

Business banking and financial success concept: gold ingots, coins and office calculator on colorful financial report documents with graphs, charts and stock market exchange data

Wp e-commerce provides you to selling digital downloads, physical inventory or even subscriptions and memberships. What’s important in this case – it’s not problematic and we ensure you that you’re going to make it right without any difficulties. But even if this happen, you can watch the video tutorials and learn quick.

Of course, this plug provides a lot more facilities. Wp e-commerce is customized with the CSS and HTML. In addition, it’s integrated with dozens of different payment gates so thanks to this, your business can only earn more and more money. Speaking of integration – we don’t have to say that wp e-commerce is integrated with many WordPress plugins, right?

Dices cubes with the words SELL BUY, downtrend stacks of golden coins. Financial chart as background. Selective focus

Team of Wp e-Commerce thought about your business and decided to build-in marketing tools to improve your sell statistics. They have truly good hearts! They’ve also built in shipping tools and integrate the plug with popular couriers. Not bad, huh?

If you want to extend your e-store, there’s no need to worry about something, because you can use additional modules, integrate with WordPress Multisite and actually do… whatever you want.